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Kintsugi Academy:

Kintsugi means golden (kin) connection (tsugi).
Tsugi in Japanese also means “to transmit, to communicate with future generations”.

Due to the growing interest in this technique in the West, several alternatives appeared. They often use synthetic glue and an alternative golden powder. The results are not always satisfactory.

The Kintsugi Academy works without compromise and wishes to teach the authentic Japanese method, based on the use of Japanese lacquer (urushi) and real gold or silver. Learning and mastering this technique requires many years of practice, slow and meticulous work is a necessity. An authentic repair takes weeks to months.

The Kintsugi course is made up of different modules, with increasing difficulty.


In the first module, you learn the basics of authentic kintsugi through a simple fraction.
More complex fractures, cracks and missing parts are covered in the other modules.

Each module includes 5 days of lessons.
The lessons are given in groups of 6 people maximum.
The course days are spread over 6 weeks.
Weekly lessons can also be given on request, in groups or individually.

After having followed the modules, it is possible to register in a kintsugi workshop where we meet regularly to work and discuss repairs together.

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Pita Vandevelde talks about the authentic kintsugi technique.
How to recognize a well-made kintsugi or distinguish a fake kintsugi.
She tells you the story of this precious technique and its connection with the Japanese tea ceremony.

These conferences are given on request in your organization.
Contact us for more information and conditions.


22February 2022

Start course traditional Kintsugi - 6 weeks - Mechelen (Belgium) - Dutch

21 February 2022

Start course traditional Kintsugi - 6 weeks - Mechelen (Belgium) - French

10 May 2020

Biochi Antwerpen - canceled due to Covid-19

17 February 2020

Markt 1 - Rumst

19 January 2020

The Tea Circle - Schaarbeek

20 October 2019

L’Heure Bleue - Brussels