Who am I?

Pita Vandevelde

Pita Vandevelde, passionate about tea for more than 30 years, discovered kintsugi in 2015.

Over time it was difficult to say goodbye to precious teapots and tea cups, all broken tea ware with a personal story.

Pita decided she wanted to master this technique herself and she learned kintusgi with master Mio Heki and master Showzi Tsokamoto, and is practicing the technique of kintsugi in her workshop in Bonheiden (Belgium).

Pita also followed a Hira maki-e training, the technique that forms the basis of the authentic kintsugi method.

In 2020, she founded the international school ‘Kintsugi Academy’, where the authentic method of kintsugi is taught.



Establish the Kintsugi Academy
Hira Maki-e Masterclass with Mio Heki


Kintsugi masterclass with Showzi Tsokamoto


Kintsugi masterclass with Mio Heki


Kintsugi workshop with Mio Heki